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Oakmont, California, is a beautiful city located in the heart of Sonoma County. This picturesque town is known for its scenic views, charming community, and rich history. But what truly sets Oakmont apart from other cities is its love for animals, especially cats. And that's where Love A Meow comes in.

A Commitment to Cat Welfare in Oakmont, CA

Love A Meow is more than just a cat rescue organization. We are on a mission to improve the lives of every kitty we rescue and provide them with the love and value they deserve, regardless of their species.

Our founders are passionate about animal welfare and have dedicated their lives to this cause. They firmly believe in saving all living things and giving them a second chance at a happy life. This is why they established Love A Meow, to ensure no cat in Oakmont is left behind.

Services Offered at Love a Meow in Oakmont, CA

At Love A Meow, we offer a range of services dedicated to the well-being and happiness of cats. Our main services include Cat Adoption, Cat Shelter, and Natural Cat Foods.

Cat Shelter

At Love A Meow, we understand that some cats may not have the best start in life. That's why we have a no-kill cat shelter where we take in abandoned, sick, or injured cats and provide them with a safe and loving environment. Our trained staff and volunteers work round the clock to ensure these cats get the care they need until they find their forever homes.

Natural Cat Foods

A healthy diet is essential for the well-being of cats. That's why we offer a range of natural cat foods free from harmful additives and preservatives. Our team carefully selects the best products to ensure your feline friend gets all the necessary nutrients to live a happy and healthy life.

Cat Adoption

Cat adoption is at the heart of our organization. We believe every cat deserves a loving home and strive to make that happen. Our state-of-the-art cat adoption center is equipped with all the necessary tools to help you find the perfect feline companion for your home and lifestyle. Our team of dedicated volunteers will guide you through the process, ensuring that you adopt a cat that is not only cute and cuddly but also well-suited for your family.

Why Visit Love a Meow?

  • Love A Meow is a non-profit organization dedicated to cat welfare.
  • We have a no-kill policy, ensuring every cat gets a chance at a happy life.
  • Our state-of-the-art cat adoption center helps you find the perfect feline companion for your home & lifestyle.
  • We provide natural and healthy cat foods, free from harmful additives.

Helping Oakmont, CA, Cats in Need Together!

Oakmont, CA, maybe a small town, but it is home to many needy cats. Some of them have been abandoned or abused and are now fearful of humans. At Love A Meow, we work tirelessly to help these felines re-adjust to the human world and find their loving and caring side.

Our team provides proper care and rehabilitation for these cats, helping them overcome their past traumas. We also offer behavioral training to help them become well-behaved companions for their new families.


Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Adoptions

The adoption process starts with visiting our center or browsing our available cats online. Our volunteers will then assist you in finding a cat that matches your household and lifestyle. After choosing a feline friend, you will complete an adoption application and participate in an adoption interview to ensure a perfect match.
Yes, all cats at Love A Meow have been vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and microchipped. We ensure they have received all necessary medical care before being adopted.
Certainly! We gratefully accept donations to support our mission. Contributions go towards food, medical care, shelter maintenance, and our overall operations to ensure the well-being of the cats in our care.
Our team is knowledgeable about cat nutrition and can guide you to the right food choices for your cat based on age, health status, and any nutritional needs. We ensure our natural cat foods meet high-quality standards and are rich in essential nutrients.

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